About Us

About Us

Legally Rooted India is an online academic platform, imparting legal knowledge about contemporary issues.  We are determined to become a leader in facilitating a new kind of platform for discussion and comprehension of legal and social disciplines.

We are aiming at augmenting legal knowledge and providing innovative understanding and apprehension of various fields of law. Legally rooted focuses on aspiring and erudite minds and encourages them to learn in an ingenious way.

Through this portal, we will furnish quality legal content for the law students with a team of legal professionals and will generate cognizance of salient issues and developments in the legal field.


  • To enhance knowledge among researchers, students and the legal fraternity at large
  • Provide a free flow of ideas on interdisciplinary aspects which are particularly in concern on a single platform
  • To inspire young and social practitioners from various fields to join research projects and simultaneously create awareness
  • To provide an opportunity for creative research and multi-level consideration of broader issues related to legal insight from both national and interdisciplinary perspective
  • To increase the interactive prospects of its members with the pioneers of the legal field and practice.