Lights. Camera. (Distr)action

Lights. Camera. (Distr)action

By: Anmol Upadhyay

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Movies or you can say, Hollywood and Bollywood, have always been a greater part of our lives. We’ve grown up watching all the action, romance, drama, adventure, fiction, and what not, from The Godfather to The Avengers, from Sholay to Dil Bechara, we’ve been thrilled, excited, amused, scared and emotionally touched by them. They somehow have fulfilled our fantasies about things which are quite unrealistic and have consumed a large part of our mind, our thought process, and our lives due to which we subconsciously start building up ideas or expect our relations, dreams and life to be running that way. 

But, things have turned out quite differently from the time when in the name of art these platforms have started showing things upfront. Especially, I would say, from the advent of on-demand streaming services like- Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Youtube, and so on, where Movies and Tv shows stream uncensored and totally depend upon the viewer’s rating. People of any age are exposed to these contents, whether be it an adult or a teenager.

Internet and electronic devices mainly Mobile Phones, Computers or Laptops are easily available and accessible by anyone, which is even more dangerous as the internet is filled with every kind of stuff -good or bad depending upon the accessor. But, let’s not go into the details of the pros and cons of the internet as it is a very vast topic and let’s just limit ourselves to talking about the impact of uncensored movies and shows available on the on-demand streaming platforms.

It’s almost been 5 months since the majority of us are inside our houses and in order to be entertained and keep ourselves busy, have planned to subscribe to all sorts of online platforms and just binge-watch the latest shows because of which we came across all kinds of genres. But, don’t you think, since the past few years the film industry has come up with such nature of contents which in the name of entertainment, art and being realistic has turned out to be more intolerant, violent and obscene.

With my personal experience and the variety of subject matter, I came across, in some way it has disturbed me by the language being used which is abusive to such an extent that it gets very uncomfortable to watch the show, also the kind of scenes, which are violent and also those which are vulgar where there is again objectification of women and promotion of nudity, which made me think what difference has remained between a real-life criminal event or a pornographic film and these movies and shows which we watch to get an escape from reality and soothe ourselves. Also, on one side there’s a disclaimer that shows usage of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol is injurious to health and on the other side, they are shown openly on the screen. 

Movies and Series ranging from The Gangs of Wasseypur, Fifty Shades of Grey American Pie, Game of Thrones, The Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Pataal Lok, also Alt Balaji’s series and many more like these, are creating a negative impact on the minds of the audience. Emotions like – Anguish, Rage, Revenge, Lust, Intolerance and Hatred are overpowering over the positive sentiments of the people.

I just wonder that if these things are creating such an impact on an adult bringing upon his gloomy side and making him antipathetic, what impact will it have on the young mind of a teenager? They have delicate brains and feeding them with such bigoted ideas will only have unfavourable, fatalist and detrimental effects. This thought in itself gives me goosebumps. Looking at the society of what it is becoming now, where every day you read a newspaper, almost half of it is filled with the criminal acts of forgery, fraud, robbery, molestation, rape, murder and whatnot. In a society which is turning parochial day by day, do you think watching such content won’t stimulate these emotions, won’t encourage people towards doing unethical and unlawful activities?

Although via such cinematography, the purpose is majorly to make people aware about the events and happenings, the way they are portrayed uncensored is corrupting the minds of people, creating a harmful impact upon the society and also upon humanity, and have no longer remained the kind, one can watch along with their family.

In the end, I would like to say, the stories can still be beautiful and informative even without the use of obscenity, vulgarity, violence and abusive language. Just like how they used to be in the good old times, all clean & clear.

The above views are my personal and not to objectify or degrade anybody.

One thought on “Lights. Camera. (Distr)action

  1. It is very important for our young generation to understand this and especially the makers of these movies and series. The impact of movies is much faster than the impact of books as we all know. We should be really careful about what we are watching and what our younger brother, sister and future generation are doing with all the facilities they have.

    The Author explained it very well. This topic needs to be highlighted. 💯👍

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